Focusing on the continuous development and renewal, our company endeavours to fulfil the changing requirements of our partners in the field of producing laminated, tempered and insulating safety glasses.

To obtain new businesses, we need to develop our technology constantly and purchase new equipment.

Complex investment in Hirschler Üvegipari Vállalkozás (technology, construction, information technology and quality management) at South-East Industial Estate, Sopron

" Brief summary of the tender: By the realization of the complex investment Hirschler László entrepreneur carries out technological modernization - with buying a preparatory elaborating production line, a production line and a tempering furnace - builds up a new factory hall -only the steel framework financed by the tender - for...

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Technical development at Hirschler Üvegipari Vállalkozás

" Reason of the project: The increased customer demands and the aim of getting into new OEM markets genarate the purchasing of resources. The innovation and modernisation of the tools became important for the enterprise to be able to reach highler quality level. We must keep abreast with continuous development of the technology in...

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