Quality Control

The main objective of quality control that we have developed products and technologies to be perfect, hereby stand at our customers disposal with stable production and with high quality products. Our system of quality control consists of more levels assuring the required control at every process step.

Equipments enables the continuous testing of our products for serial batch tests and for product development, according to the standards .

Measuring and testing equipments:

Optical properties:

  • ISRA VISION equipment to inspect optical distortion

  • Reflexion wall

  • Zebra wall

  • Spectrophotometer

  • Double image testing device

3D dimension control:

  • Tension control:3D measuring machine

  • FARO measuring arm

  • Bended surface measuring equipment

  • Tension wall

  • Surface tension measuring tool

  • Edge tension measuring tool

Serial tests equipments:

  • Ball/dart drop test equipment

  • Test equipment to impact with head

  • Shooting test 

  • Pendulum test equipment

Life time tests:

  • Humidity chamber

  • Climate chamber 

  • UV chamber

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