Our product range consists of a wide variety of laminated safety glasses, tempered safety glasses and insulating glasses .

The main profile of the company the vehicle glass manufacturing, in addition we offer glasses for special applications as well.

Product types:

  • Laminated safety glass
  • Tempered safety glass
  • Insulating safety glass
  • Antireflective technical glass

According to the wish and demand of our customers we are able to produce flat and bent glasses in the size required by the destination of usage.


Laminated glasses

The maximum dimension limit of production line for bent laminated safety glass is 2900x1900 mm.


  • windscreen - passenger car, truck, bus etc.
  • rear glass - agricultural machinery, earth-moving machine etc.
  • display glass - bus, tram  etc.
  • other glasses of driver's cabin 


Tempered glasses

Our convectional tempering furnaces permit the tempering of the latest type of coated glasses from the thickness of 3 mm up to 10mm.
The maximum available dimension of flat tempered safety glass is 2000x3000 mm.


  • windscreen - agricultural machinery, earth-moving machine etc.
  • rear glass - passenger car, bus, agricultural machinery etc.
  • display glass - bus, tram etc.
  • other glasses of driver's cabin 


Insulating glasses

Our company produce flat and bent insulating glasses too, according to customers' requirements with appropriate coating, gas filling and acoustic foil with tempered and laminated structure


  • side glass - bus, train: with emergency window function as well
  • display glass - bus, tram etc.
  • door glasses: train, tram etc.
  • other glasses of driver's cabin

With the emergency window production method, developed and patented by the company, we can assure the fulfilment of the relating regulations of international norms in the railway carriagies.

Nomination of the patent:

 „emergency windows equipped with breakout zones and beforehand defined breakout points and processes for their production”

  • Number of patent:  227 209